From Periphery to Powerhouse Mentorship

Running Time - REBROADCAST

The refinement of how to work into the Powerhouse from the extremities.

Join Power Pilates Teacher Trainer Julie for our next live webinar exploring this exciting new topic!

Earn 2 Power Pilates CECs

Your questions will be answered live as the workshop unfolds!

Some additional questions that we'll be covering include: Why do my wrists hurt on exercises like the Long Stretch and Push Up? What is the difference between fully extending the arms and legs and locking out? Why are exercises for the hands and feet so important? How will exercising my hands and feel help me move from my Powerhouse? What can I do to improve my foot articulation? How is proper foot alignment connected to proper hip alignment? When is the best time in a clients workout to address how their hands and feet are connected into their powerhouse?

So get ready to focus in on those extremities with us and bring questions you've never had the chance to ask in an in-person workshop.